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Title   Journal   Publication Date   Newsletter Issue  
Suppressive Role of Androgen/Androgen Receptor Signaling via Chemokines on Prostate Cancer Cells
Izumi, K; Mizokami, A
J Clin Med 2019-03-13 10.10 | Mar 22
Androgen Receptor Enhancer Usage and the Chromatin Regulatory Landscape in Human Prostate Cancers
Stelloo, S; Bergman, AM; Zwart, W
Endocr Relat Cancer 2019-03-01 10.09 | Mar 14
Steroid Receptor Signalings as Targets for Resveratrol Actions in Breast and Prostate Cancer
De Amicis, F; Chimento, A; Montalto, FI; Casaburi, I; Sirianni, R; Pezzi, V
Int J Mol Sci 2019-03-03 10.08 | Mar 8
The Influence of BRCA2 Mutation on Localized Prostate Cancer
Taylor, RA; Fraser, M; Rebello, RJ; Boutros, PC; Murphy, DG; Bristow, RG; Risbridger, GP
Nat Rev Urol 2019-02-26 10.07 | Mar 1
PAK4 Signaling in Health and Disease: Defining the PAK4-CREB Axis
Won, SY; Park, JJ; Shin, EY; Kim, EG
Exp Mol Med 2019-02-12 10.06 | Feb 22
Obesity, Inflammation, and Prostate Cancer
Fujita, K; Hayashi, T; Matsushita, M; Uemura, M; Nonomura, N
J Clin Med 2019-02-06 10.05 | Feb 15
Prostate Cancer-Specific Hallmarks of Amino Acids Metabolism: Towards a Paradigm of Precision Medicine
Strmiska, V; Michalek, P; Eckschlanger, T; Stiborova, M; Adam, V; Krizkova, S; Heger, Z
Biochim Biophys Acta 2019-01-29 10.04 | Feb 8
Role of Androgen Receptor Splice Variants, Their Clinical Relevance and Treatment Options
Wach, S; Taubert, H; Cronauer, M
World J Urol 2019-01-19 10.03 | Feb 1
Application of Prostate Cancer Models for Preclinical Study: Advantages and Limitations of Cell Lines, Patient-Derived Xenografts, and Three-Dimensional Culture of Patient-Derived Cells
Namekawa, T; Ikeda, K; Horie-Inoue, K; Inoue, S
Cells 2019-01-20 10.02 | Jan 25
Approaches to Urinary Detection of Prostate Cancer
Eskra, JN; Rabizadeh, D; Pavlovich, CP; Catalona, WJ; Luo, J
Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis 2019-01-17 10.01 | Jan 18
The Anticancer Potential of Metformin on Prostate Cancer
Zaidi, S; Gandhi, J; Joshi, G; Smith, NL; Khan, SA
Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis 2019-01-16 10.01 | Jan 18
Contribution of the Unfolded Protein Response to Breast and Prostate Tissue Homeostasis and Its Significance to Cancer Endocrine Response
Direito, I; Fardilha, M; Helguero, LA
Carcinogenesis 2018-12-28 10.00 | Jan 11
LncRNAs in Cancer: Another Layer of Complexity
de Oliveira, J; Oliveira, L; Gradia, D; et al
J Gene Med 2018-12-14 9.49 | Dec 21
Post-GWAS in Prostate Cancer: From Genetic Association to Biological Contribution
Farashi, S; Kryza, T; Clements, J; Batra, J
Nat Rev Cancer 2018-12-11 9.48 | Dec 14
Oligometastatic Prostate Cancer: Reality or Figment of Imagination
Foster, C; Weichselbaum, R; Pitroda, S
Cancer 2018-12-06 9.47 | Dec 7
Forkhead Box O4 Transcription Factor in Human Neoplasms: Cannot Afford to Lose the Novel Suppressor
Lu, C; Yang, Z; Yu, Y; et al
J Cell Physiol 2018-12-04 9.47 | Dec 7
Prostate-Specific Markers to Identify Rare Prostate Cancer Cells in Liquid Biopsies
van der Toom, E; Axelrod, H; de la Rosette, J; de Reijke, T; Pienta, K; Valkenburg, K
Nat Rev Urol 2018-11-27 9.46 | Nov 30
Function, Clinical Application, and Strategies of Pre-mRNA Splicing in Cancer
Di, C; Syafrizayanti; Hoheisel, J; et al
Cell Death Differ 2018-11-21 9.45 | Nov 23
Emerging Cell Cycle Inhibitors for Treating Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer
Batra, A; Winquist, E
Expert Opin Emerg Drugs 2018-11-13 9.44 | Nov 16
Circulating Tumor DNA in Advanced Prostate Cancer: Transitioning from Discovery to a Clinically Implemented Test
Gonzalez-Billalabeitia, E; Conteduca, V; Wetterskog, D; Jayaram, A; Attard, G
Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis 2018-11-09 9.43 | Nov 9
Long Non-Coding RNAs in Prostate Cancer: Biological and Clinical Implications
Das, R; Feng, F; Selth, L
Mol Cell Endocrinol 2018-11-02 9.43 | Nov 9
Developments in Oligometastatic Hormone-Sensitive Prostate Cancer
Chow, K; McCoy, P; Stuchbery, R; Corcoran, N; Hovens, C
World J Urol 2018-10-31 9.42 | Nov 2
The Importance of Targeting Intracrinology in Prostate Cancer Management
Hamid, A; Tendi, W; Sesari, S; Mochtar, C; Umbas, R; Verghaegh, G; Schalken, J
World J Urol 2018-10-22 9.41 | Oct 26
Cell Death in Cancer in the Era of Precision Medicine
Raschella, G; Melino, G; Gambacurta, A
Genes Immun 2018-10-19 9.40 | Oct 19
PI3K Pathway in Prostate Cancer: All Resistant Roads Lead to PI3K
Park, S; Kim, Y; Kim, D; So, I; Jeon, J
BBA Rev Cancer 2018-10-06 9.39 | Oct 12
Mitochondrial Biology and Prostate Cancer Ethnic Disparity
Xiao, J; Cohen, P; Stern, M; Odedina, F; Carpten, J; Reams, R
Carcinogenesis 2018-10-09 9.39 | Oct 12
Prostate Luminal Progenitor Cells in Development and Cancer
Zhang, D; Zhao, S; Li, X; Kirk, JS; Tang, DG
Trends Cancer 2018-10-01 9.38 | Oct 5
Targeting Crosstalk between Nrf-2, NF-κB and Androgen Receptor Signaling in Prostate Cancer
Khurana, N; Sikka, S
Cancers 2018-09-25 9.37 | Sep 28
ADT with Antiandrogens in Prostate Cancer Induces Adverse Effect of Increasing Resistance, Neuroendocrine Differentiation and Tumor Metastasis
Niu, Y; Guo, C; Chang, C; et al
Cancer Lett 2018-09-15 9.36 | Sep 21
Therapeutic Potency of Wnt Signaling Antagonists in the Pathogenesis of Prostate Cancer, Current Status and Perspectives
Pashirzad, M; Shafiee, M; Hassanian, S; et al
J Cell Physiol 2018-09-07 9.35 | Sep 14
Osteoblastic Factors in Prostate Cancer Bone Metastasis
Lin, S; Yu-Lee, L; Lin, S
Curr Osteoporos Rep 2018-09-10 9.35 | Sep 14
New Insights in Prostate Cancer Development and Tumor Therapy: Modulation of Nuclear Receptors and the Specific Role of Liver X Receptors
Bousset, L; Rambur, A; Fouache, A; Bunay, J; Morel, L; Lobaccaro, JA; Baron, S; Trousson, A; de Joussineau, C
Int J Mol Sci 2018-08-28 9.34 | Sep 7
The Role of Ketoconazole in Current Prostate Cancer Care
Patel, V; Liaw, B; Oh, W
Nat Rev Urol 2018-08-28 9.33 | Aug 31
Inflammation and NF-κB Signaling in Prostate Cancer: Mechanisms and Clinical Implications
Stall, J; Beyaert, R
Cells 2018-08-29 9.33 | Aug 31
Estrogens and Prostate Cancer
Dobbs, RW; Malhotra, NR; Greenwald, DT; Wang, AY; Prins, GS; Abern, MR
Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis 2018-08-21 9.32 | Aug 24
Non-Metastatic Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer: A Review of Current and Emerging Medical Therapies
Alpajaro, S; Harris, J; Evans, C
Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis 2018-08-16 9.31 | Aug 17
Current Status of Androgen Receptor-Splice Variant 7 Inhibitor Niclosamide in Castrate-Resistant Prostate-Cancer
Sobhani, N; Generali, D; D’Angelo, A; Aieta, M; Roviello, G
Invest New Drugs 2018-08-07 9.30 | Aug 10
Landmarks in Prostate Cancer
Sathianathen, N; Konety, B; Crook, J; Saad, F; Lawrentschuk, N
Nat Rev Urol 2018-07-31 9.29 | Aug 3
ARD1/NAA10 Acetylation in Prostate Cancer
Kuhns, KJ; Zhang, G; Wang, Z; Liu, W
Exp Mol Med 2018-07-27 9.28 | Jul 27
Roles of MicroRNA in Prostate Cancer Cell Metabolism
Kasomva, K; Sen, A; Paulraj, MG; Sailo, S; Raphael, V; Puro, KU; Assumi, SR; Ignacimuthu, S
Int J Biochem Cell Biol 2018-07-23 9.28 | Jul 27
Diverse Roles of Fatty Acid Binding Proteins (FABPs) in Development and Pathogenesis of Cancers
Amiri, M; Yousefnia, S; Forootan, F; Peymani, M; Ghaedi, K; Esfahani, M
Gene 2018-07-18 9.27 | Jul 20
EMT, Stemness and Tumor Plasticity in Aggressive Variant Neuroendocrine Prostate Cancers
Soundararajan, R; Paranjape, A; Maity, S; Aparicio, A; Mani, S
Biochim Biophys Acta 2018-07-05 9.26 | Jul 13
Malignant Invasion of the Central Nervous System: The Hidden Face of a Poorly Understood Outcome of Prostate Cancer
de Oliveira Barros, E; Meireles Da Costa, N; Palmero, C; Ribeiro, L; Nasciutti, L; Palumbo, A
World J Urol 2018-07-06 9.26 | Jul 13
Prostate Cancer Epigenetics: From Basic Mechanisms to Clinical Implications
Yegnasubramanian, S; De Marzo, A; Nelson, W
Cold Spring Harb Perspect Med 2018-06-29 9.25 | Jul 6
The MicroRNA Signatures: Aberrantly Expressed miRNAs in Prostate Cancer
Sharma, N; Baruah, M
Clin Transl Oncol 2018-06-27 9.24 | Jun 29
Fatty Acids and Calcium Regulation in Prostate Cancer
Maly, I; Hofmann, W
Nutrients 2018-06-19 9.23 | Jun 22
Advances in the Computational and Molecular Understanding of the Prostate Cancer Cell Nucleus
Carleton, N; Lee, G; Madabhushi, A; Veltri, R
J Cell Biochem 2018-06-20 9.23 | Jun 22
Intratumor Heterogeneity in Prostate Cancer
Yadav, S; Stockert, J; Hackert, V; Yadav, K; Tewari, A
Urol Oncol 2018-06-07 9.22 | Jun 15
Neuroendocrine Differentiation in Prostate Cancer: Emerging Biology, Models, and Therapies
Puca, L; Vlachostergios, PJ; Beltran, H
Cold Spring Harb Perspect Med 2018-05-29 9.21 | Jun 8
Prostate Cancer Stem Cells: Current Understanding
Skvortsov, S; Skvortsova, I; Tang, D; Dubrovska, A
Stem Cells 2018-05-30 9.20 | Jun 1
Targeting Prostate Cancer: Prostate‐Specific Membrane Antigen Based Diagnosis and Therapy
Wüstemann, T; Haberkorn, U; Babich, J; Mier, W
Med Res Rev 2018-05-17 9.19 | May 25
Translational Models of Prostate Cancer Bone Metastasis
Berish, R; Ali, A; Telmer, P; Ronald, J; Leong, H
Nat Rev Urol 2018-05-16 9.18 | May 18
Systemic Treatments for High-Risk Localized Prostate Cancer
Pignot, G; Maillet, d; et al
Nat Rev Urol 2018-05-15 9.18 | May 18
Personalization of Prostate Cancer Therapy through Phosphoproteomics
Yang, W; Freeman, M; Kyprianou, N
Nat Rev Urol 2018-05-11 9.17 | May 11
eIF4E Phosphorylation in Prostate Cancer
D’Abronzo, L; Ghosh, P
Neoplasia 2018-05-03 9.17 | May 11
Circulating Tumor Cell Analysis in Preclinical Mouse Models of Metastasis
Kitz, J; Lowes, LE; Goodale, D; Allan, AL
Diagnostics (Basel) 2018-04-28 9.16 | May 4
Calcium and Nuclear Signaling in Prostate Cancer
Maly, IV; Hofmann, WA
Int J Mol Sci 2018-04-19 9.15 | Apr 27
Nanoparticle‐Based Targeted Cancer Strategies for Non‐Invasive Prostate Cancer Intervention
Farina, NH; Zingiryan, A; Vrolijk, MA; Perrapato, SD; Ades, S; Stein, GS; Lian, JB; Landry, CC
J Cell Physiol 2018-04-16 9.14 | Apr 20
Role of Stromal Paracrine Signals in Proliferative Diseases of the Aging Human Prostate
Ishii, K; Takahashi, S; Sugimura, Y; Watanabe, M
J Clin Med 2018-04-02 9.13 | Apr 13
Delineation of the Androgen-Regulated Signaling Pathways in Prostate Cancer Facilitates the Development of Novel Therapeutic Approaches
Awad, D; Pulliam, TL; Lin, C; Wilkenfeld, SR; Frigo, DE
Curr Opin Pharmacol 2018-03-30 9.12 | Apr 6
Androgen Receptor Moonlighting in the Prostate Cancer Microenvironment
Cioni, B; Zwart, W; Bergman, AM
Endocr Relat Cancer 2018-04-04 9.12 | Apr 6
Profiling Prostate Cancer Therapeutic Resistance
Wade, CA; Kyprianou, N
Int J Mol Sci 2018-03-19 9.11 | Mar 23
The Role of Osteopontin in the Progression of Solid Organ Tumor
Zhao, H; Chen, Q; Alam, A; Cui, J; Suen, K; Soo, A; Eguchi, S; Gu, J; Ma, D
Cell Death Dis 2018-03-02 9.10 | Mar 16
Parallels between Hematopoietic Stem Cell and Prostate Cancer Disseminated Tumor Cell Regulation
Cackowski, FC; Taichman, RS
Bone 2018-02-26 9.09 | Mar 9
The Androgen Receptor Malignancy Shift in Prostate Cancer
Copeland, BT; Pal, SK; Bolton, EC; Jones, JQ
Prostate 2018-02-23 9.08 | Mar 2
Cellular Plasticity and the Neuroendocrine Phenotype in Prostate Cancer
Davies, AH; Beltran, H; Zoubeidi, A
Nat Rev Urol 2018-02-20 9.07 | Feb 23
Potentiating Prostate Cancer Immunotherapy with Oncolytic Viruses
Lee, P; Gujar, S
Nat Rev Urol 2018-02-13 9.06 | Feb 16
Integrin Inhibitors in Prostate Cancer
Juan-Rivera, MC; Martínez-Ferrer, M
Cancers 2018-02-06 9.05 | Feb 9
Estrogen and Androgen Blockade for Advanced Prostate Cancer in the Era of Precision Medicine
Fujimura, T; Takayama, K; Takahashi, S; Inoue, S
Cancers 2018-01-23 9.04 | Feb 2
CTC-Derived AR-V7 Detection as a Prognostic and Predictive Biomarker in Advanced Prostate Cancer
Bastos, DA; Antonarakis, ES
Expert Rev Mol Diagn 2018-01-16 9.03 | Jan 26
Prostate Cancer-Associated lncRNAs
Mitobe, Y; Takayama, KI; Horie-Inoue, K; Inoue, S
Cancer Lett 2018-01-09 9.02 | Jan 19
Preclinical Models of Prostate Cancer: Patient-Derived Xenografts, Organoids, and Other Explant Models
Risbridger, GP; Toivanen, R; Taylor, RA
Cold Spring Harb Perspect Med 2018-01-08 9.01 | Jan 12
The Molecular Biology of Prostate Cancer: Current Understanding and Clinical Implications
Gandhi, J; Afridi, A; Vatsia, S; Joshi, G; Joshi, G; Kaplan, SA; Smith, NL; Ali Khan, S
Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis 2017-12-27 9.00 | Jan 5
Metabolic Vulnerabilities of Prostate Cancer: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Opportunities
Zadra, G; Loda, M
Cold Spring Harb Perspect Med 2017-12-11 8.48 | Dec 15
Cross-Talk between Protein Synthesis, Energy Metabolism and Autophagy in Cancer
Lindqvist, LM; Tandoc, K; Topisirovic, I; Furic, L
Curr Opin Genet Dev 2017-11-25 8.47 | Dec 8
Prostate Cancer: Updates on Current Strategies for Screening, Diagnosis and Clinical Implications of Treatment Modalities
Tian, JY; Guo, FJ; Zheng, GY; Ahmad, A
Carcinogenesis 2017-12-05 8.47 | Dec 8
Trichothecenes: Immunomodulatory Effects, Mechanisms, and Anti-Cancer Potential
Wu, Q; Wang, X; Nepovimova, E; Miron, A; Liu, Q; Wang, Y; Su, D; Yang, H; Li, L; Kuca, K
Arch Toxicol 2017-11-20 8.46 | Dec 1
The Dark Side of Glucose Transporters in Prostate Cancer: Are They a New Feature to Characterize Carcinomas?
Gonzalez-Menendez, P; Hevia, D; Mayo, JC; Sainz, RM
Int J Cancer 2017-11-21 8.45 | Nov 24
Aberrant Activation of a Gastrointestinal Transcriptional Circuit in Prostate Cancer Mediates Castration Resistance
Shukla, S; Cyrta, J; Murphy, DA; Walczak, EG; Ran, L; Agrawal, P; xie, Y; Chen, Y; Wang, S; Zhan, Y; Li, D; Wong, EWP; Sboner, A; Beltran, H; Mosquera, JM; Sher, J; Cao, Z; Wongvipat, J; Koche, RP; Gopalan, A; Zheng, D; Rubin, MA; Scher, HI; Chi, P; Chen, Y
Cancer Cell 2017-11-16 8.44 | Nov 17
Prostate Cancer Immunotherapy: Where Are We and Where Are We Going?
De Velasco, MA; Uemura, H
Curr Opin Urol 2017-10-31 8.43 | Nov 10
The Inflammatory Microenvironment and Microbiome in Prostate Cancer Development
Sfanos, KS; Yegnasubramanian, S; Nelson, WG; Marzo, AM
Nat Rev Urol 2017-10-31 8.42 | Nov 3
Targeting Immunosuppressive Adenosine in Cancer
Vijayan, D; Young, A; Teng, MWL; Smyth, MJ
Nat Rev Cancer 2017-10-23 8.41 | Oct 27
Alternative Mechanisms of MiR-34a Regulation in Cancer
Slabáková, E; Culig, Z; Remšík, J; Souček, K
Cell Death Dis 2017-10-12 8.40 | Oct 20
Natriuretic Peptides: The Case of Prostate Cancer
Mezzasoma, L; Peirce, MJ; Minelli, A; Bellezza, I
Molecules 2017-09-13 8.39 | Oct 13
The Role and Mechanism of Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition in Prostate Cancer Progression
Lo, UG; Lee, CF; Lee, MS; H, JT
Int J Mol Sci 2017-09-30 8.38 | Oct 6
Cell Plasticity in Epithelial Homeostasis and Tumorigenesis
Varga, J; Greten, F
Nat Cell Biol 2017-09-25 8.37 | Sep 29
Circulating Steroid Hormone Variations Throughout Different Stages of Prostate Cancer
Snaterse, G; Visser, J; Arlt, W; Hofland, J
Endocr Relat Cancer 2017-09-18 8.36 | Sep 22
WNT Signaling in Prostate Cancer
Murillo-Garzón, V; Kypta, R
Nat Rev Urol 2017-09-12 8.35 | Sep 15
Extracellular Vesicles for Personalized Therapy Decision Support in Advanced Metastatic Cancers and Its Potential Impact for Prostate Cancer
Soekmadji, C; Corcoran, NM; Oleinikova, I; Jovanovic, L; The Australian Prostate Cancer Collaboration BioResource; Ramm, GA; Nelson, CC; Jenster, G; Russell, PJ
Prostate 2017-08-29 8.35 | Sep 15
Ethnicity and ERG Frequency in Prostate Cancer
Sedarsky, J; Degon, M; Srivastava, S; Dobi, A
Nat Rev Urol 2017-09-05 8.34 | Sep 8
Managing High-Grade Prostatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia (HGPIN) and Atypical Glands on Prostate Biopsy
Tosoian, JJ; Alam, R; Ball, MW; Carter, HB; Epstein, JI
Nat Rev Urol 2017-08-31 8.33 | Sep 1
Implications of BCL-2 and Its Interplay with Other Molecules and Signaling Pathways in Prostate Cancer Progression
Kim, JH; Lee, H; Shin, EA; Kim, DH; Choi, JB; Kim, SH
Expert Opin Ther Targets 2017-08-23 8.32 | Aug 25
Implications of Bcl-2 and Its Interplay with Other Molecules and Signaling Pathways in Prostate Cancer Progression
Kim, JH; Lee, H; Shin, EA; Kim, DH; Choi, JB; Kim, SH
Expert Opin Ther Targets 2017-08-17 8.31 | Aug 18
Tissue Control of Androgen Action: The Ups and Downs of Androgen Receptor Expression
Hunter, I; Hay, CW; Esswein, B; Watt, K; McEwen, IJ
Mol Cell Endocrinol 2017-08-05 8.30 | Aug 11
Tumor Organoids as a Pre-Clinical Cancer Model for Drug Discovery
Weeber, F; Ooft, SN; Dijkstra, KK; Voest, EE
Cell Chem Biol 2017-07-27 8.29 | Aug 4
Recent Advances in Circulating Tumor Cells and Cell-Free DNA in Metastatic Prostate Cancer: A Review
Parimi, S; Ko, JJ
Expert Rev Anticancer Ther 2017-07-24 8.28 | Jul 28
Overcoming Oncogenic Mediated Tumor Immunity in Prostate Cancer
Bryant, G; Wang, L; Mulholland, DJ
Int J Mol Sci 2017-07-17 8.27 | Jul 21
Connexins, Important Players in the Dissemination of Prostate Cancer Cells
Boucher, J; Monvoisin A; Vix, J; Mesnil, M; Thuringer, D; Debiais, F; Cronier, L
Biochim Biophys Acta 2017-07-08 8.26 | Jul 14
Telomeres and Telomerase in Prostate Cancer Development and Therapy
Graham, MK; Meeker, A
Nat Rev Urol 2017-07-04 8.25 | Jul 7
Dose Considerations for Anti-Cancer Drugs in Metastatic Prostate Cancer
Crumbaker, M; Gurney, H
Prostate 2017-06-26 8.24 | Jun 30
The Stem Cell Factor (SCF)/C-KIT Signaling in Testis and Prostate Cancer
Cardoso, HJ; Figueira, MI; Socorro, S
J Cell Commun Signal 2017-06-27 8.24 | Jun 30
Exosomes in Diagnosis and Therapy of Prostate Cancer
Pan, J; Ding, M; Xu, K; Yang, C; Mao, L
Oncotarget 2017-06-16 8.23 | Jun 23
The Role of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor Gamma in Prostate Cancer
Elix, C; Pal, SK; Jones, JO
Asian J Androl 2017-06-09 8.22 | Jun 16
27-Hydroxycholesterol: A Novel Player in Molecular Carcinogenesis of Breast and Prostate Cancer
Marwarha, G; Raza, S; Hammer, K; Ghribi, O
Chem Phys Lipids 2017-06-03 8.21 | Jun 9
Myeloid-Derived Cells in Prostate Cancer Progression: Phenotype and Prospective Therapies
Lopez-Bujanda, Z; Drake, CG
J Leukoc Biol 2017-05-26 8.20 | Jun 2
Magnetic Nanoformulations for Prostate Cancer
Chowdhury, P; Roberts, AM; Khan, S; Hafeez, BB; Chauhan, SC; Jaggi, M; Yallapu, MM
Drug Discov Today 2017-05-16 8.19 | May 26
Advances in Medical Imaging for the Diagnosis and Management of Common Genitourinary Cancers
Bagheri, MH; Ahlman, MA; Lindenberg, L; Turkbey, B; Lin, J; Cahid Civelek, A; Malayeri, AA; Agarwal, PK; Choyke, PL; Folio, LR; Apolo, AB
Urol Oncol 2017-05-12 8.18 | May 19
Cellular Constituents of the Prostate Stroma: Key Contributors to Prostate Cancer Progression and Therapy Resistance
Levesque, C; Nelson, PS
Cold Spring Harb Perspect Med 2017-05-10 8.17 | May 12
Immunotherapy in Genitourinary Malignancies
Mehta, K; Patel, K; Parikh, RA
J Hematol Oncol 2017-04-24 8.16 | May 5
The ETS Family of Oncogenic Transcription Factors in Solid Tumors
Sizemore, GM; Pitarresi, JR; Balakrishnan, S; Ostrowski, MC
Nat Rev Cancer 2017-04-28 8.15 | Apr 28
Cellular Determinants and Microenvironmental Regulation of Prostate Cancer Metastasis
Rycaj, K; Li, H; Zhou, J; Chen, X; Tang, DG
Semin Cancer Biol 2017-04-11 8.14 | Apr 21
Extracellular Vesicles for Liquid Biopsy in Prostate Cancer: Where Are We and Where Are We Headed?
Minciacchi, VR; Zijlstra, A; Rubin, MA; Di Vizio, D
Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis 2017-04-04 8.13 | Apr 7
Brachytherapy for Patients with Prostate Cancer: American Society of Clinical Oncology/Cancer Care Ontario Joint Guideline Update
Chin, J; Rumble, RB; Kollmeier, M; Heath, E; Efstathiou, J; Dorff, T; Berman, B; Feifer, A; Jacques, A; Loblaw, DA
J Clin Oncol 2017-03-27 8.12 | Mar 31
Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CARs)–a Cell and Gene Therapy Perspective
Riviere, I; Sadelain, M
Mol Ther 2017-03-31 8.12 | Mar 31
Low-Risk Prostate Cancer: Identification, Management, and Outcomes
Moschini, M; Carroll, PR; Eggener, SE; Epstein, JI; Graefen, M; Montironi, R; Parker, C
Eur Urol 2017-03-19 8.11 | Mar 24
Immune Mediators in the Tumor Microenvironment of Prostate Cancer
Dai, J; Lu, Y; Roca, H; Keller, JM; Zhang, J; McCauley, LK; Keller, ET
Chin J Cancer 2017-03-14 8.10 | Mar 17
Long Non-Coding RNA as Potential Biomarker for Prostate Cancer: Is It Making a Difference?
Deng, J; Tang, J; Wang, G; Zhu, YS
Int J Environ Res Public Health 2017-03-07 8.09 | Mar 10
Radiolabeled PSMA Small Molecule Inhibitors
Will, L; Sonni, I; Kopka, K; Kratochwil, C; Giesel, FL; Haberkorn, U
Q J Nucl Med Mol Imaging 2017-02-17 8.08 | Mar 3
Meta-Analysis of Metabolic Syndrome and Prostate Cancer
Gacci, M; Russo, GI; De Nunzio, C; Sebastianelli, A; Salvi, M; Vignozzi, L; Tubaro, A; Morgia, G; Serni, S
Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis 2017-02-21 8.07 | Feb 24
Revisiting the Role of Wnt/β-Catenin Signaling in Prostate Cancer
Schneider, JA; Logan, SK
Mol Cell Endocrinol 2017-02-09 8.06 | Feb 17
Comparing the Rules of Engagement of Androgen and Glucocorticoid Receptors
Claessens, F; Joniau, S; Helsen, C
Cell Mol Life Sci 2017-02-06 8.05 | Feb 10
Immune Modulation by Androgen Deprivation and Radiation Therapy: Implications for Prostate Cancer Immunotherapy
Kalina, JL; Neilson, DS; Comber, AP; Rauw, JM; Alexander, AS; Vergidis, J; Lum, JJ
Cancers 2017-01-27 8.04 | Feb 3
Stromal Androgen Receptor in Prostate Cancer Development and Progression
Leach, DA; Buchanan, G
Cancers 2017-01-22 8.03 | Jan 27
Regulation of PI3K Effector Signaling in Cancer by the Phosphoinositide Phosphatases
Rodgers, SJ; Ferguson, D; Mitchell, C; Ooms, L
Biosci Rep 2017-01-12 8.02 | Jan 20
Androgen Receptor Splice Variants and Prostate Cancer: From Bench to Bedside
Wadosky, KM; Koochekpour, S
Oncotarget 2017-01-06 8.01 | Jan 12
Prostate cancer, PI3K, PTEN and Prognosis
Wise, HM; Hermida, MA; Leslie, NR
Conn Sci 2017-01-05 8.01 | Jan 12
Extranuclear Partners of Androgen Receptor: At the Crossroads of Proliferation, Migration, and Neuritogenesis
Castoria, G; Auricchio, F; Migliaccio, A
FASEB J 2016-12-28 8.00 | Jan 6
Exosomal MicroRNAs in Liquid Biopsies: Future Biomarkers for Prostate Cancer
Valentino, A; Reclusa, P; Sirera, R; Giallombardo, M; Camps, C; Pauwels, P; Crispi, S; Rolfo, C
Clin Transl Oncol 2017-01-04 8.00 | Jan 6
Histone Demethylase Lysine Demethylase 5B in Development and Cancer
Han, M; Xu, W; Cheng, P; Jin, H; Wang, X
Oncotarget 2016-12-10 7.46 | Dec 16
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