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Prostate Cell News 6.47 December 11, 2015
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HDAC Inhibition Impedes Epithelial–Mesenchymal Plasticity and Suppresses Metastatic, Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer
To study the dynamic regulation of the epithelial–mesenchymal transition (EMT) process, scientists developed novel genetically defined cellular and in vivo model systems from which epithelial, EMT and mesenchymal-like tumor cells with Pten deletion and Kras activation can be isolated. [Oncogene] Abstract
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PUBLICATIONS (Ranked by impact factor of the journal)

Specific Myosins Control Actin Organization, Cell Morphology, and Migration in Prostate Cancer Cells
The authors investigated the myosin expression profile in prostate cancer cell lines and found that Myo1b, Myo9b, Myo10, and Myo18a were expressed at higher levels in cells with high metastatic potential. [Cell Rep] Full Article | Graphical Abstract

Nimbolide-Induced Oxidative Stress Abrogates STAT3 Signaling Cascade and Inhibits Tumor Growth in Transgenic Adenocarcinoma of Mouse Prostate Model
Researchers analyzed whether the potential anticancer effects of nimbolide, a limonoid triterpene derived from Azadirachtaindica, against prostate cancer cell lines and transgenic adenocarcinoma of mouse prostate model are mediated through the negative regulation of STAT3 pathway. [Antioxid Redox Signal] Abstract

Low β2-Adrenergic Receptor Level May Promote Development of Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer and Altered Steroid Metabolism
To elucidate mechanisms by which β2-adrenergic receptor (ADRB2) may affect castration-resistant prostate cancer development, investigators stably transfected LNCaP cells with shRNAs to mimic low and high expression of ADRB2. Two UDP-glucuronosyltransferases, UGT2B15 and UGT2B17, involved in phase II metabolism of androgens, were strongly downregulated in two LNCaP shADRB2 cell lines. [Oncotarget] Full Article

Expression of Beta-Defensin 131 Promotes an Innate Immune Response in Human Prostate Epithelial Cells
Researchers investigated the role of β-defensin 131 (DEFB131) in RWPE-1 cells during bacterial infection. They examined the intracellular signaling pathways and nuclear responses in RWPE-1 cells that contribute to DEFB131 gene induction upon stimulation with lipoteichoic acid. [PLoS One] Full Article

miR-195 Inhibits EMT by Targeting FGF2 in Prostate Cancer Cells
The role of miR-195 in migration and invasion in vitro was investigated, and common markers in epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) were evaluated through Western blot analysis. A luciferase reporter assay was conducted to confirm the target gene of miR-195 were validated in prostate cancer cells. [PLoS One] Full Article

HDAC6 Activity Is Not Required for Basal Autophagic Flux in Metastatic Prostate Cancer Cells
Scientists characterized the histone deacetylase 6-interacting proteins in LNCaP metastatic prostate cancer cells and found that histone deacetylase 6 interacts with proteins involved in several cellular processes, including autophagy. [Exp Biol Med] Abstract

Apoptosis of Human Prostate Cancer Cells Induced by Marine Actinomycin X2 through the mTOR Pathway Compounded by MiRNA144
Scientists determined whether actinomycin X2 intercepted the mTOR/PTEN/PI3K/Akt signaling pathway to inhibit human prostate cancer cells in vitro. [Anticancer Drugs] Abstract


Randomized Double-Blind Trial of Pregabalin versus Placebo in Conjunction With Palliative Radiotherapy for Cancer-Induced Bone Pain
Investigators examined pregabalin in patients with cancer-induced bone pain receiving radiotherapy. A multicenter, double-blind randomized trial of pregabalin versus placebo was conducted. [J Clin Oncol] Abstract

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Immunotherapy in Prostate Cancer: Challenges and Opportunities
Researchers report the results of the most recent clinical trials investigating immunotherapy in castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) and discuss the future development of immunotherapy for CRPC, as well as the potential importance of biomarkers in the future progress of this field. [Immunotherapy] Abstract

Linking Obesogenic Dysregulation to Prostate Cancer Progression
The authors discuss how the close association between dysfunctional adipose tissue and prostate epithelial cells might result in bi-directional communication to cause increased prostate cancer aggressiveness and progression. [Endocr Connect] Abstract

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A Made-in-BC Prostate Cancer Drug Enters Clinical Trials
A prostate cancer drug developed by researchers at the BC Cancer Agency and the University of British Columbia (UBC) is entering human clinical trials. The drug, EPI-506, was designed by Dr. Marianne Sadar, distinguished scientist at the BC Cancer Agency, and Dr. Raymond Andersen, a professor in the department of chemistry at UBC. [BC Cancer Agency] Press Release

Cancer Targeted Technology Receives $2.3 Million Small Business Fast-Track Contract to Develop an Innovative PSMA-Targeted Radionuclide Therapy for Prostate Cancer
Cancer Targeted Technology (CTT) announced that the National Cancer Institute awarded a 27-month, $2.3 million contract to CTT to develop a new agent that will help treat metastatic prostate cancer. [Cancer Targeted Technology (Business Wire)] Press Release

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