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Prostate Cell News 6.44 November 20, 2015
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Small RNA Has Big Impact on Prostate Cancer
Researchers showed that the microRNA, miR-124, reduced tumor growth and increased cell death in castration-resistant prostate cancer. [Press release from UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center discussing online prepublication in Cancer Research] Press Release | Abstract
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PUBLICATIONS (Ranked by impact factor of the journal)

Cyclin D1 Promotes Androgen-Dependent DNA Damage Repair in Prostate Cancer Cells
The authors investigated the significance of cyclin D1 in androgen-induced DNA damage repair using established prostate cancer cells and prostate tissues from cyclinD1 knockout mice. [Cancer Res] Abstract

Cell Type–Specific Abundance of 4EBP1 Primes Prostate Cancer Sensitivity or Resistance to PI3K Pathway Inhibitors
Scientists found that 4EBP1, the central inhibitor of cap-dependent translation, was a critical regulator of both prostate cancer initiation and maintenance downstream of mammalian target of rapamycin signaling in a genetic mouse model. [Sci Signal] Abstract | Press Release

Olfactomedin 4 Deficiency Promotes Prostate Neoplastic Progression and Is Associated with Upregulation of the Hedgehog-Signaling Pathway
Researchers found that the hedgehog-signaling pathway was significantly upregulated in the olfactomedin 4 (Olfm4)-knockout mouse model. They also found that restoration of OLFM4 in human prostate-cancer cells that lack OLFM4 expression significantly downregulated hedgehog signaling-pathway component expression. [Sci Rep] Full Article

Tumor-Associated Endo180 Requires Stromal-Derived LOX to Promote Metastatic Prostate Cancer Cell Migration on Human ECM Surfaces
Human osteoblast-derived and fibroblast-derived extracellular matrix supported a rounded ‘amoeboid-like’ mode of cell migration and enhanced Endo180 expression in three prostate cancer cell lines. [Clin Exp Metastasis] Full Article

VEGF-Activated miR-144 Regulates Autophagic Survival of Prostate Cancer Cells against Cisplatin
The authors found that cisplatin dose-dependently activated Beclin-1 in two prostate cancer (PC) cell lines, PC3 and LNCap. Autophagy suppression significantly increased the cisplatin-induced cell death of these PC cells in a CCK-8 assay. [Tumor Biol] Abstract

Prostate Specific G Protein Coupled Receptor Is Associated with Prostate Cancer Prognosis and Affects Cancer Cell Proliferation and Invasion
Investigators evaluated the expression of prostate specific G protein coupled receptor protein, studied its diagnostic and prognostic value in prostate cancer, and also explored its role in cancer cell growth and invasion. [BMC Cancer] Full Article

Effects of Oxygen on the Antigenic Landscape of Prostate Cancer Cells
The authors hypothesized that cells grown in vitro at low oxygen tension (pO2) provide a better antigen match to tumors in situ and could reveal a more relevant antigenic landscape than cells grown in atmospheric pO2. [BMC Res Notes] Full Article


The Influence of Prednisone on the Efficacy of Docetaxel in Men with Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer
The authors conducted a retrospective study of patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer treated with docetaxel at their institution between 2004 and 2014. [Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis] Abstract

A Phase II Trial of Ganetespib, a Heat Shock Protein 90 (Hsp90) Inhibitor, in Patients with Docetaxel-Pretreated Metastatic Castrate-Resistant Prostate Cancer (CRPC)-A Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials Consortium (PCCTC) Study
Given the promising preclinical outcome and favorable pharmacologic properties of ganetespib, investigators conducted a Phase II trial of single-agent ganetespib in patients with metastatic CRPC. [Invest New Drugs] Abstract

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Epithelial–Mesenchymal Transition in Prostatic Disease
The authors discuss the phenotypic changes associated with epithelial–mesenchymal transition and its programming in the development of the two growth disorders of the aging prostate gland, benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate adenocarcinoma. [Future Oncol] Abstract

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Epic Sciences Partners with University of Pennsylvania’s Abramson Cancer Center on Cancer Therapy Discoveries through Liquid Biopsy
Epic Sciences, Inc. announced a collaboration with the Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania on multiple studies to explore biomarkers, identified by analysis of circulating tumor cells at a single cell resolution, that are predictive of response to personalized cancer therapeutics. [Epic Sciences, Inc.] Press Release

Cellular Dynamics Announces Collaboration with Roche
Cellular Dynamics International, Inc. announced an agreement with Roche to supply CDI’s induced pluripotent stem cell-derived iCell products to contribute to the identification of novel drug candidates at the early stages of drug discovery. [Cellular Dynamics International, Inc.] Press Release

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NEW Postdoctoral Position – Molecular Cancer Biology (University of Pennsylvania)

Investigator – Cancer Biology (Wake Forest Baptist School of Medicine)

Postdoctoral Researcher – Computational Modeling of Prostate Cancer (IBM, Zurich Research Laboratory)

Postdoctoral Position – Androgen Response in Prostate Cancer (University of Victoria)

Computational Biologist – Prostate Cancer (Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute)

Group Leader Position – Cancer Research (Oslo University Hospital)

Division Head – Medical Oncology (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center)

Postdoctoral Position – Epigenetics and Cancer (Moffitt Cancer Center)

Postdoctoral Position – Cancer Research (University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston)

Postdoctoral Associate – Bioinformatics (Baylor College of Medicine)

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