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Prostate Cell News 6.28 July 31, 2015
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Prostate Cancer-Scientists Discover Why Some Tumors Are Resistant to Radiotherapy
Scientists believe they have identified how some tiny regulatory molecules in cells can make prostate cancers resistant to radiotherapy. They have shown a direct link between these tiny molecules–known as microRNAs–and resistance to radiotherapy. [Press release from the University of York discussing online prepublication in British Journal of Cancer] Press Release | Abstract
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Maspin Expression in Prostate Tumor Cells Averts Stemness and Stratifies Drug Sensitivity
Scientists report that, depending on the level of maspin expression, tumor cells in suspension and 3D collagen I manifest the phenotypes of stem-like and dormant tumor cell populations, respectively. [Cancer Res]
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DGCR8 Is Essential for Tumor Progression following PTEN Loss in the Prostate
Investigators showed that deletion of the Dgcr8 gene inhibits tumor progression in a Pten-knockout mouse model of prostate cancer. Dgcr8 loss blocked Pten null‐induced expansion of the basal‐like, but not luminal, cellular compartment. [EMBO Rep] Abstract | Graphical Abstract

Hypoxia-Inducible miR-182 Enhances HIF1α Signaling via Targeting PHD2 and FIH1 in Prostate Cancer
Investigators showed that hypoxia-responsive miR-182 is regulated by hypoxia-inducible factor 1α (HIF1α) at transcriptional level. Prolyl hydroxylase domain enzymes and factor inhibiting HIF-1, negative regulators of HIF1 signaling, are direct targets of miR-182. [Sci Rep] Full Article

Two Splice Variants of Y Chromosome-Located Lysine-Specific Demethylase 5D Have Distinct Function in Prostate Cancer Cell Line (DU-145)
The authors detected two novel splice variants of lysine-specific demethylase 5D with lengths of 2650bp and 2400bp that correspond to the 100 and 80 kDa proteins in the human prostate cancer cell line. The knockdown of two variants using the short interfering RNA approach increased the growth rate of prostate cancer cells and reduced cell apoptosis. [J Proteome Res] Abstract

Directed Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells into Prostate Organoids In Vitro and Its Perturbation by Low-Dose Bisphenol A Exposure
Scientists report the construction of a pioneer in vitro human prostate developmental model to study the effects of bisphenol-A. The directed differentiation of human embryonic stem cells into prostatic organoids in a spatial system was accomplished with precise temporal control of growth factors and steroids. [PLoS One]
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CTRP3 Stimulates Proliferation and Anti-Apoptosis of Prostate Cells through PKC Signaling Pathways
Researchers investigated the effects and mechanisms of C1q/TNF-related protein-3 (CTRP3) in prostate cells. Proliferation of RWPE-1 prostate cells was evaluated by MTT analyses under treatment with different concentrations of CTRP3 for various exposure times. [PLoS One] Full Article

Hypoxia-Induced Autophagy Promotes Human Prostate Stromal Cells Survival and ER-Stress
Hypoxia-induced autophagy could promote cell survival and endoplasmic reticula stress in WPMY-1 cells. Cell viability induced by hypoxia could have been decreased by autophagy inhibitors or siRNA interference in two autophagy genes in WPMY-1 cells. [Biochem Biophys Res Commun] Abstract


The UGT2B28 Sex-Steroid Inactivation Pathway Is a Regulator of Steroidogenesis and Modifies the Risk of Prostate Cancer Progression
Investigators examined the relationship among expression of the androgen-inactivating UDP-glucuronosyltransferase (UGT)2B28 enzyme, circulating steroid hormone levels, and clinical phenotype in prostate cancer. [Eur Urol] Abstract

Everolimus Combined with Gefitinib in Patients with Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer: Phase I/II Results and Signaling Pathway Implications
The authors tested the combination of mTOR inhibition (everolimus) and epidermal growth factor receptor inhibition (gefitinib) in castration-resistant prostate cancer. [Cancer] Abstract

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Metformin and Prostate Cancer Stem Cells: A Novel Therapeutic Target
The authors explore the characteristics of prostate cancer stem cells (CSCs), their role in tumor propagation and therapeutic resistance and the role of metformin as a potential prostate CSC sensitizer to current anticancer therapies. [Prostate Cancer P D] Abstract

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Bavarian Nordic Announces Initiation of NCI-Sponsored Phase II Study of PROSTVAC in Patients with Localized Prostate Cancer
Bavarian Nordic A/S announced that the first patient has been enrolled in a new Phase II clinical study of PROSTVAC, the company’s active prostate cancer immunotherapy candidate. The study is designed as a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study for men who have localized prostate cancer, and are undergoing active surveillance. [Bavarian Nordic A/S] Press Release

Aeterna Zentaris Grants Option to Develop and Commercialize Oral Allogenic Cancer Vaccine Technology
Aeterna Zentaris Inc. announced that it has granted to German life sciences entrepreneurs with a proven track-record of funding the development and commercialization of biotechnology an option to license the company’s live recombinant oral allogenic tumor vaccine technology, including AEZS-120, the most advanced product candidate for prostate cancer which is ready to enter a Phase I clinical trial. [Aeterna Zentaris Inc.] Press Release

Inovio Pharmaceuticals Initiates Clinical Trial of INO-5150 DNA Immunotherapy for Prostate Cancer
Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced that it has initiated a Phase I trial to evaluate Inovio’s DNA immunotherapy in men with biochemically relapsed prostate cancer. The launch of this human trial follows strong pre-clinical results revealing that INO-5150 generated robust CD8+ T cell responses in animal studies including non-human primates. [Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.] Press Release

University of Toronto to Transform Regenerative Medicine Thanks to Historic $114 Million Federal Grant
The University of Toronto is set to cement its position as one of the world’s leading centers for the design and manufacture of cells, tissues and organs that can be used to treat degenerative disease, thanks to a $114-million grant from the federal government. [University of Toronto] Press Release

Moffitt Cancer Center Teams Up with MD Anderson to Discover, Test Novel Agents to Prevent Cancer
Moffitt Cancer Center has joined MD Anderson’s National Cancer Institute (NCI) Phase 0/I/II Cancer Prevention Clinical Chemoprevention Trials Consortia. Sponsored by the NCI’s Division of Cancer Prevention, the consortia conducts early clinical development of promising new preventive agents through its Phase 0/I/II Cancer Prevention Clinical Trials Program. [Moffitt Cancer Center (Newswise, Inc.)] Press Release

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