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Prostate Cell News 6.19 May 29, 2015
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Groundbreaking Research Moves One Step Closer to Personalizing Prostate Cancer Treatment
Researchers identified for the first time a new gene involved in prostate cancer which when mutated, leads to a unique sub-type of prostate cancer that is associated with DNA damage and a more aggressive type of cancer. [Press release from the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research discussing online prepublication in Nature Genetics] Press Release | Abstract
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PUBLICATIONS (Ranked by impact factor of the journal)

Androgen-Induced TMPRSS2 Activates Matriptase and Promotes Extracellular Matrix Degradation, Prostate Cancer Cell Invasion, Tumor Growth and Metastasis
Investigators showed how the membrane-anchored serine protease TMPRSS2 stimulates a proteolytic cascade that mediates androgen-induced prostate cancer (PCa) cell invasion, tumor growth and metastasis. They found that matriptase serves as a substrate for TMPRSS2 in mediating this pro-invasive action of androgens in PCa. [Cancer Res] Abstract

TLR9 Signaling through NF-κB/RELA and STAT3 Promotes Tumor-Propagating Potential of Prostate Cancer Cells
Researchers demonstrated that triggering of the innate immune receptor, toll-like receptor 9 (TLR9), in androgen-independent prostate cancer cells initiates signaling cascade leading to increased tumor growth and progression. [Oncotarget] Full Article

FGF23 Promotes Prostate Cancer Progression
Exogenous FGF23 enhanced proliferation, invasion and anchorage independent growth in vitro while fibroblast growth factor 23 (FGF23) knockdown in prostate cancer cell lines decreases these phenotypes. FGF23 knockdown also decreased tumor growth in vivo. [Oncotarget] Full Article

Nonautophagic Cytoplasmic Vacuolation Death Induction in Human PC-3M Prostate Cancer by Curcumin through Reactive Oxygen Species-Mediated Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress
Researchers report that curcumin induced apoptosis in LNCaP, DU145, and PC-3 cells but triggered extensive cytoplasmic vacuolation in PC-3M cells. An in vivo PC-3M orthotopic prostate cancer model revealed that curcumin reduced tumor growth by inducing ROS production followed by vacuolation-mediated cell death. [Sci Rep] Full Article

Cyclodextrin Mediated Delivery of NF-κB and SRF siRNA Reduces the Invasion Potential of Prostate Cancer Cells In Vitro
The authors investigated the ability of a non-viral modified cyclodextrin vector to deliver siRNA to the highly metastatic PC-3 prostate cancer cell line, to quantify the resulting knockdown of the two target genes (RelA and SRF) and to study the effects of the silencing on metastasis. [Gene Ther] Abstract

Estrogen Induces Androgen-Repressed SOX4 Expression to Promote Progression of Prostate Cancer Cells
Silencing sex determing region Y-box 4 (SOX4) significantly attenuated the proliferative effect, as well as the capacity of migration and invasion of 17β-estradiol on prostate cancer cells. [Prostate] Abstract

Inhibition of Prostate Cancer Cell Growth by 3′,4′,5′-Trimethoxyflavonol (TMFol)
The ability of the three flavonols to compromise prostate cancer cell survival was tested in four prostate cancer cell types 22Rv1, TRAMP C2, PC-3 and LNCaP. [Cancer Chemoth Pharm] Abstract


A Phase II Study of the HDAC Inhibitor SB939 in Patients with Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer: NCIC Clinical Trials Group Study IND195
Scientists designed a Phase II study of SB939 in men with metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer (CRPC). Patients received SB939 60 mg on alternate days three times per week for three weeks on a four-week cycle. [Invest New Drugs] Abstract

Phase I Dose-Escalation Study of Cabazitaxel Administered in Combination with Gemcitabine in Patients with Metastatic or Unresectable Advanced Solid Malignancies
Researchers determined the maximum tolerated dose and dose-limiting toxicities of cabazitaxel plus gemcitabine and assessed the preliminary efficacy of this combination. [Anticancer Drugs] Abstract

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STIM and Orai Proteins as Novel Targets for Cancer Therapy
The authors review the data supporting key role for stromal interaction molecules (STIM)1, STIM2, Orai1 and Orai3 proteins in tumorigenesis and discuss potential of targeting these proteins for cancer therapy [Am J Physiol Cell Physiol] Abstract

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Prostate Cancer UK Awards Scottish Researchers Crucial Grants
Researchers from Heriot-Watt and Glasgow universities will share a £350,000 boost in the search for prostate cancer answers. The grants are part of a £2 million wave of Movember Foundation Project Grants and Pilot Awards. [Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh] Press Release

CPRIT Awards $16.6 Million for Cancer Research, Prevention, and Faculty Recruitment
The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) has awarded UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers more than $12.6 million in research grants for cancer research and prevention, as well as an additional $4 million for recruiting cancer scientists. [UT Southwestern Medical Center] Press Release

American Association for Cancer Research and Bayer Partner to Fund Fellowships to Advance Cancer Research
The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) and Bayer HealthCare announced a new partnership that will expand the AACR’s Basic Cancer Research Fellowship Program for 2015. [American Association for Cancer Research] Press Release

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