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Prostate Cell News 5.19 May 30, 2014
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Monoamine Oxidase A Mediates Prostate Tumorigenesis and Cancer Metastasis
Researchers found that monoamine oxidase A functions to induce epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and stabilize the transcription factor HIF1α, which mediates hypoxia through an elevation of ROS, thus enhancing growth, invasiveness, and metastasis of prostate cancer cells. [J Clin Invest] Full Article
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Vulnerabilities of PTEN-p53-Deficient Prostate Cancers to Compound PARP/PI3K Inhibition
The authors showed that PARP inhibition triggers a p53-dependent cellular senescence in a PTEN-deficient setting in the prostate. They also found that PARP-induced cellular senescence is morphed into an apoptotic response upon compound loss of PTEN and p53. [Cancer Discov] Abstract

Nuclear ARRB1 Induces Pseudohypoxia and Cellular Metabolism Reprogramming in Prostate Cancer
Using an integrative approach combining the first genome-wide mapping of chromatin binding for an endocytic adaptor, ARRB1, both in vitro and in vivo with gene expression profiling, scientists demonstrate that nuclear ARRB1 contributes to this metabolic shift in prostate cancer cells via regulation of hypoxia-inducible factor 1A transcriptional activity under normoxic conditions through regulation of succinate dehydrogenase A and fumarate hydratase expression. [EMBO J] Full Article

Prostate Tumor Growth Is Impaired by CtBP1 Depletion in High Fat Diet Fed Mice
High calorie intake decreases intracellular NAD+/NADH ratio. Investigators assessed the effect of high fat diet and C-terminal Binding Protein 1 (CtBP1) expression modulation over prostate xenograft growth. [Clin Cancer Res] Abstract

Up-Regulation of eEF1A2 Promotes Proliferation and Inhibit Apoptosis in Prostate Cancer
The authors examined the expression level of eEF1A2 in 30 pairs of prostate cancer tissues by using RT-PCR and immunohistochemical staining. Then they applied siRNA specifically targeting eEF1A2 to down-regulate its expression in DU-145 and PC-3 cells. [Biochem Biophys Res Commun] Abstract

HGF and the Regulation of Tight Junctions in Human Prostate Cancer Cells
Researchers evaluated the effect of hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) on the function of tight junctions in human prostate epithelial, prostate stem cell-like and prostate cancer cell lines. [Oncol Rep] Abstract

Regulation of the Pentose Phosphate Pathway by an Androgen Receptor-mTOR-Mediated Mechanism and Its Role in Prostate Cancer Cell Growth
Researchers hypothesized that androgen receptor signaling, which plays an essential role in the disease, mediated prostate cancer cell growth in part by increasing flux through the pentose phosphate pathway. [Oncogenesis] Full Article


Improved Survival with T Cell Clonotype Stability after Anti-CTLA-4 Treatment in Cancer Patients
Cytotoxic T lymphocyte-associated antigen-4 (CTLA-4) blockade in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer and metastatic melanoma resulted in both expansion and loss of T cell clonotypes, consistent with a global turnover of the T cell repertoire. [Sci Transl Med] Abstract | Press Release

Metformin Use and Prostate Cancer Risk
Metformin may decrease prostate cancer (PCa) risk by reducing hyperinsulinemia-associated carcinogenesis or through direct effects on cancer cells. Investigators evaluated the association between metformin use and PCa diagnosis. [Eur Urol] Abstract

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High-Risk Prostate Cancer – Classification and Therapy
The authors critically evaluate the existing literature focused on defining the high-risk population, the management of patients with high-risk prostate cancer, and future directions to optimize care. [Nat Rev Clin Oncol] Full Article

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Bristol-Myers Squibb and CytomX Therapeutics Announce Worldwide Collaboration to Develop Probody™ Therapeutics against Multiple Immuno-Oncology Targets
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company and CytomX Therapeutics, Inc. announced the companies have signed a worldwide research collaboration and license agreement to discover, develop and commercialize novel therapies against multiple immuno-oncology targets using CytomX’s proprietary Probody™ Platform. [Bristol-Myers Squibb Company] Press Release

Maryland Stem Cell Research Commission Funds 31 New Research Proposals in FY 2014 with Continued Focus on Contributing to Cures for Debilitating Diseases and Conditions
The board of directors of the Maryland Technology Development Corporation approved the Maryland Stem Cell Research Commission’s recommendation to fund 31 new proposals with the Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund’s $10.4 million FY2014 budget. [Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund] Press Release

Aduro Announces License Agreement with Johnson & Johnson Innovation for Novel Immunotherapies for Prostate Cancer
Aduro BioTech, Inc. announced that it has entered into an agreement granting Janssen Biotech, Inc. an exclusive, worldwide license to certain product candidates specifically engineered for the treatment of prostate cancer based on its novel LADD immunotherapy platform. [Business Wire] Press Release

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NEW 15th Asia-Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference
August 31 – September 2, 2014
Melbourne, Australia

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NEW Postdoctoral Fellow – Prostate Cancer Research (Henry Ford Hospital)

Research Fellow – Molecular Mechanisms of Prostate Cancer (Northwestern University- Feinberg School of Medicine)

Research Coordinator / Research Assistant – Oncology (NYU Langone Medical Center Department of Pathology)

PhD Research Project – Role of Leukemia Inhibitory Factor in Prostate Cancer Bone Metastases (Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences, University of Oxford)

Postdoctoral Research Associate – Prostate Cancer Research (Medical University of South Carolina)

Postdoctoral Fellow – Translational Prostate Cancer (Cleveland Clinic)

Postdoctoral Researcher – Therapeutic Targets for Cancer Treatment (Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute)

PhD Position – 3D Cell Culture & Microfluidics: New Insights in Prostate Cancer (CEA French Atomic and Alternative Energies Commission)

Studentship – Targeting WW Domain Function in Ubiquitin Ligases Overexpressed in Prostate Cancer (University of East Anglia)

Director of GMP/GLP Quality Operations (University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine)

Scientist – Immunology/Cell Separation (STEMCELL Technologies Inc.)

Research Technologist – hPSC (STEMCELL Technologies Inc.)

Research Associate – Cell Separation (STEMCELL Technologies Inc.)

Research Technologist – Pluripotent Stem Cells (STEMCELL Technologies Inc.)

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