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Prostate Cell News 5.15 May 2, 2014
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A Role for WDR5 in Integrating Threonine 11 Phosphorylation to Lysine 4 Methylation on Histone H3 during Androgen Signaling and in Prostate Cancer
Scientists showed that WDR5, a subunit of the SET1/MLL complex, interacts with H3 threonine 11 phosphorylation, and this interaction facilitates the recruitment of the MLL1 complex and subsequent H3K4 tri-methylation. WDR5 is critical in prostate cancer cell proliferation and is hyperexpressed in human prostate cancers. [Mol Cell] Abstract | Graphical Abstract
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Epidithiodiketopiperazines (ETPs) Exhibit In Vitro Antiangiogenic and In Vivo Antitumor Activity by Disrupting the HIF-1alpha/p300 Complex in a Preclinical Model of Prostate Cancer
Several members of the ETP family of natural products have been shown to disrupt the hypoxia inducible factor-1 alpha (HIF-1alpha)/p300 complex in vitro; namely, gliotoxin, chaetocin, and chetomin. Here, scientists further characterized the molecular mechanisms underlying the antiangiogenic and antitumor effects of these ETPs using a preclinical model of prostate cancer. [Mol Cancer] Abstract | Full Article

Cholesterol-Induced Activation of TRPM7 Regulates Cell Proliferation, Migration, and Viability of Human Prostate Cells
Researchers demonstrated that cholesterol increases Ca2+ entry via the TRPM7 channel, which promoted proliferation of prostate cells by inducing the activation of the AKT and/or the ERK pathway. [Biochim Biophys Acta] Full Article

Cross-Communication between Histone H3 and H4 Acetylation and Akt-mTOR Signaling in Prostate Cancer Cells
Scientists evaluated whether cross-communication exists between mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) signaling and epigenetic events regulated by histone deacetylase. [J Cell Mol Med] Full Article

Tumor-Suppressive MicroRNA-224 Inhibits Cancer Cell Migration and Invasion via Targeting Oncogenic TPD52 in Prostate Cancer
Scientists found that restoration of microRNA-224 (miR-224) significantly inhibits prostate cancer cell migration and invasion. Additionally, they found that oncogenic TPD52 is a direct target of miR-224 regulation. [FEBS Lett] Abstract

Androgen Receptor Downregulation and Cellular Apoptosis by PMA in Prostate Cancer Cells
Researchers investigated the mechanistic action of phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate (PMA) in prostate cancer cells with regard to androgen receptor (AR). They showed that PMA decreased E2F-1 as well as AR expression in androgen-dependent prostate cancer LNCaP cells. [J Mol Endocrinol] Abstract

Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone Receptors Mediate Apoptosis via Cytosolic Calcium-Dependent Phospholipase A2 and Migration in Prostate Cancer Cell RM-1
Researchers investigated cytosolic calcium-dependent phospholipase A2 bridging corticotropin-releasing hormone receptor (CRHR) activations and Bcl-2:Bax ratio and the effect of CRHR activation on cell migration. [J Mol Endocrinol] Abstract

Hypermethylation-Mediated Transcriptional Repression of TMPRSS2 in Androgen Receptor-Negative Prostate Cancer Cells
Researchers demonstrated that androgen receptor-negative prostate cancer cells showed low expression levels and hypermethylation of TMPRSS2. [Exp Biol Med] Full Article


Targeting DNA Repair with Combination Veliparib (ABT-888) and Temozolomide in Patients with Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer
Scientists assessed the efficacy and safety of low dose oral poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase inhibitor veliparib and temozolomide in docetaxel-pretreated patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer in a single-arm, open-label, pilot study. [Invest New Drugs] Abstract

Safety, Tolerability and Anti-Tumor Activity of the Androgen Biosynthesis Inhibitor ASP9521 in Patients with Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer: Multi-Center Phase I/II Study
In patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer, ASP9521 demonstrated dose-proportional increase in exposure over the doses evaluated, with an acceptable safety and tolerability profile. However, the novel androgen biosynthesis inhibitor showed no relevant evidence of clinical activity. [Invest New Drugs] Abstract

The Efficacy and Safety of Docetaxel Plus Thalidomide vs. Docetaxel Alone in Patients with Androgen-Independent Prostate Cancer: A Systematic Review
Researchers investigated the efficacy and safety of docetaxel plus thalidomide vs. docetaxel alone for treating androgen-independent prostate cancer. [Sci Rep] Full Article

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Concept and Viability of Androgen Annihilation for Advanced Prostate Cancer
There remains no standard of care for patients with a rising prostate-specific antigen level after radical prostatectomy or radiotherapy but who have no radiographic metastases, even though this is the second largest group of patients with prostate cancer in the United States. [Cancer] Abstract

Restoring TGFß1 Pathway-Related MicroRNAs: Possible Impact in Metastatic Prostate Cancer Development
Researchers summarize the mechanisms underlying Smad-mediated regulation of microRNA biogenesis and the effects on cancer development, particularly in prostate cancer. [Tumor Biol] Abstract

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New Research to Determine Low-Risk from High-Risk Prostate Cancer
Prostate Cancer Canada announced a national research funding initiative aimed at identifying prostate cancer patients who need to be treated aggressively and those who do not. Three major research teams in Edmonton, Toronto and Sherbrooke will receive close to $5 million for projects that will help prevent the overtreatment of prostate cancer. [Prostate Cancer Canada] Press Release

OncoGenex Announces Top-Line Survival Results of Phase III SYNERGY Trial Evaluating Custirsen for Metastatic Castrate-Resistant Prostate Cancer
OncoGenex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced results from the Phase III SYNERGY trial. Top-line survival results indicate that the addition of custirsen to standard first-line docetaxel/prednisone therapy did not meet the primary endpoint of a statistically significant improvement in overall survival in men with metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer, compared to docetaxel/prednisone alone. [OncoGenex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.]
Press Release

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