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Prostate Cell News 5.13 April 11, 2014
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Coactivator MYST1 Regulates NF-κB and AR Functions during Proliferation of Prostate Cancer Cells
Investigators showed that MYST1 (MOZ, YBF2 and SAS2, and TIP60 1) co-stimulates androgen receptor (AR) and nuclear factor-kappa B (NF-κB) functions in prostate cancer cells. [Mol Endocrinol] Abstract
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Eupafolin Suppresses Prostate Cancer by Targeting Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase-Mediated Akt Signaling
Scientists report that eupafolin, a natural compound found in common sage, inhibited proliferation of prostate cancer cells. [Mol Carcinog] Abstract

In Vivo Hyperoxia Induces Hypoxia-Inducible Factor-1a Overexpression in LNCaP Tumors without Affecting the Tumor Growth Rate
To test whether hyperoxia and hypoxia have divergent effects, and to better focus into the role of hypoxia-inducible factor-1a in vivo, athymic mice xenografted with LNCaP cells were exposed for 28 days to atmospheres containing 10, 21 or 30% O2. [Int J Biochem Cell Biol] Abstract

Torc1/Torc2 Inhibitor, Palomid 529, Enhances Radiation Response Modulating CRM1-Mediated Survivin Function and Delaying DNA Repair in Prostate Cancer Models
Six tumor cell lines and xenograft models were used for in vitro and in vivo studies. Clonogenic survival, apoptotic, autophagic, and senescence assays were used to examine the effects of ionizing radiation alone and in combination with P529. [Prostate] Abstract

Pterostilbene-Isothiocyanate Conjugate Suppresses Growth of Prostate Cancer Cells Irrespective of Androgen Receptor Status
Researchers focused on analyzing the role of pterostilbene (PTER)-isothiocyanate (ITC) conjugate – a novel class of hybrid compound synthesized by appending an ITC moiety on PTER backbone – in regulating the functions of androgen receptor, thereby causing apoptosis of prostate cancer cells. [PLoS One] Full Article

Novel Lignan and Stilbenoid Mixture Shows Anticarcinogenic Efficacy in Preclinical PC-3M-luc2 Prostate Cancer Model
Scientists assessed the effects of a novel lignan-stilbenoid mixture in PC-3M-luc2 human prostate cancer cells in vitro and in orthotopic xenografts. [PLoS One] Full Article

Correlation between Overexpression of EpCAM in Prostate Tissues and Genesis of Androgen-Dependent Prostate Cancer
Researchers investigated the role of epithelial cell adhesion molecule (EpCAM) in the genesis and the progress of prostate cancer, especially of castration-resistant prostate cancer. [Tumor Biol] Abstract

Camalexin-Induced Apoptosis in Prostate Cancer Cells Involves Alterations of Expression and Activity of Lysosomal Protease Cathepsin D
Researchers hypothesized that camalexin reduces cell viability in prostate cancer cells via alterations in expression and activity of cathepsin D. [Molecules] Abstract | Download Full Article

Reciprocal Positive Regulation between TRPV6 and NUMB in PTEN-Deficient Prostate Cancer Cells
Scientists showed that NUMB and TRPV6 have a reciprocal positive regulatory relationship in PC-3 cells. They repeated this experiment in two other prostate cancer cell lines, DU145 and LNCaP. [Biochem Biophys Res Commun] Abstract


Prognostic and Predictive Value of Plasma Testosterone Levels in Patients Receiving First-Line Chemotherapy for Metastatic Castrate-Resistant Prostate Cancer
The prognostic and predictive value for survival and response to salvage hormonal therapy of baseline testosterone level was analyzed in a cohort of 101 metastatic castration-resistant prostatic cancer patients participating in nine non-hormonal first-line chemotherapy Phase II-III trials. [Br J Cancer] Abstract

Lactate Dehydrogenase 5 Isoenzyme Overexpression Defines Resistance of Prostate Cancer to Radiotherapy
Biopsy samples from 83 patients with prostate cancer undergoing radical hypofractionated and accelerated radiotherapy were analyzed for MIB1 proliferation index and for lactate dehydrogenase isoenzyme LDH5, a marker of tumor anaerobic metabolism. [Br J Cancer] Abstract

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Reconsideration of Progression to CRPC during Androgen Deprivation Therapy
Total androgen deprivation can become an effective therapeutic strategy concerning the androgen signaling axis-related pathway. However, it is important to ascertain whether elevation of serum prostate specific antigen results from AR activation or from an androgen-independent tumor volume effect. [J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol] Abstract

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BIND Therapeutics Presents Clinical Data Highlighting Unique Attributes of Lead Cancer Drug Candidate, BIND-014
The clinical data from a completed Phase I study demonstrate differentiating attributes of BIND-014 administered with a weekly dosing schedule which may enable increased dose intensity and enhanced therapeutic efficacy of BIND-014. [Press release from BIND Therapeutics, Inc. discussing research presented at the American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2014, San Diego] Press Release

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Minomic to Commence Two US Trials of New Prostate Cancer Screening Technology, MiStat™
Minomic International Ltd will launch two overseas trials of its MiStat™ prostate cancer screening test, following an agreement with CUSP Group, LLC. Both trials will provide critical, late stage evaluation of Minomic’s proprietary MiStat™ technology, which is capable of identifying the presence of a proprietary biomarker. [PR Newswire Association LLC] Press Release

OPKO Announces Launch of 4Kscore Test for Prostate Cancer
OPKO Health, Inc. announced the availability of the 4KscoreTM Test through its CLIA-accredited OPKO Lab in Nashville, TN. The 4KscoreTM Test will help to reduce unnecessary prostate biopsies by providing information on the risk of having high-grade prostate cancer. [OPKO Health, Inc.] Press Release
NIH Stem-Cell Program Closes
Stem-cell researchers at the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) have been left frustrated and confused following the demise of the agency’s Center for Regenerative Medicine. [Nature News] Editorial

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NEW International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) 2014 Annual Meeting
June 18-21, 2014
Vancouver, Canada

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