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Prostate Cell News 3.46 November 30, 2012
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COUP-TFII Inhibits TGF-β-Induced Growth Barrier to Promote Prostate Tumorigenesis
Scientists showed that COUP transcription factor II (COUP-TFII), a member of the nuclear receptor superfamily, serves as a key regulator to inhibit SMAD4-dependent transcription, and consequently overrides the transforming growth factor-β-dependent checkpoint for phosphatase and tensin homologue-null indolent tumors. [Nature] Abstract | Press Release

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Stromal Epigenetic Dysregulation Is Sufficient to Initiate Mouse Prostate Cancer via Paracrine Wnt Signaling
Researchers used high-mobility group AT-hook 2, an epigenetic regulator, to modify prostate stromal cells, and demonstrated that perturbation of the microenvironment by stromal-specific overexpression of this chromatin remodeling protein alone is sufficient to induce dramatic hyperplasia and multifocal prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia lesions from adjacent naïve epithelial cells. [Proc Natl Acad Sci USA] Abstract

MicroRNA-320 Suppresses the Stem Cell-Like Characteristics of Prostate Cancer Cells by Down-Regulating the Wnt/Beta-Catenin Signaling Pathway
Scientists found that microRNA (miR)-320 is significantly downregulated in prostate cancer (PCa). Overexpression of miR-320 in PCa cells decreases PCa tumorigenesis in vitro and in vivo. [Carcinogenesis] Abstract

Epidermal Growth Factor Promotes Protein Degradation of Epithelial Protein Lost in Neoplasm (EPLIN), a Putative Metastasis Suppressor, during Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition
Using experimental models of prostate cancer metastasis, researchers demonstrated that epidermal growth factor could induce robust epithelial-mesenchymal transition and increase invasiveness. [J Biol Chem] Abstract | Full Article

Early Growth Response Protein 1 Upregulation and Nuclear Translocation by 2’-Benzoyloxycinnamaldehyde Induces Prostate Cancer Cell Death
2’-Benzoyloxycinnamaldehyde (BCA) induces significant early growth response protein 1 (EGR1) upregulation, while EGR1 knockdown decreases the induction of these genes with concurrent alleviation of cell death by BCA. [Cancer Lett] Abstract

Neuroendocrine-Derived Peptides Promote Prostate Cancer Cell Survival through Activation of IGF-1R Signaling
Researchers utilized conditioned-medium from LNCaP cells, engineered to undergo neuroendocrine differentiation, and examined its effects on PC3 and LNCaP cell survival. [Prostate] Abstract

Interplay of Reactive Oxygen Species, Intracellular Ca2+ Surge and Loss of Mitochondrial Homeostasis in the Apoptotic Ablation of Prostate Cancer Cells by Deoxypodophyllotoxin
Using the PC-3 cell model of human prostate cancer, the authors showed that deoxypodophyllotoxin induced apoptosis via a caspase-3-dependent pathway that is activated due to dysregulated mitochondrial function. [J Cell Biochem] Abstract

Effect of an All-Trans-Retinoic Acid Conjugate with Spermine on Viability of Human Prostate Cancer and Endothelial Cells In Vitro and Angiogenesis In Vivo
The effect of N1,N12-bis(all-trans-retinoyl)spermine, a conjugate of all-trans-retinoic acid with spermine, on angiogenesis in vivo and viability of human endothelial and prostate cancer cells in vitro were studied. [Eur J Pharmacol] Abstract


Vitamin D, Season, and Risk of Prostate Cancer: A Nested Case-Control Study within Norwegian Health Studies
Researchers aimed to assess the prospective relations between serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D, serum retinol, and risk of prostate cancer. [Am J Clin Nutr] Abstract

Outcomes and Trends of Prostate Biopsy for Prostate Cancer in Chinese Men from 2003 to 2011
All men who underwent prostate biopsy for prostate cancer at Huashan Hospital, Shanghai, China were evaluated. Demographic and clinical information was collected for each patient, including age, digital rectal examination, transrectal ultrasound, total prostate-specific antigen levels and free prostate-specific antigen ratio prior to biopsy. [PLoS One] Full Article

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Cells of Origin for Cancer: An Updated View from Prostate Cancer
During the past decade, much progress has been made in understanding the cellular origin for prostate cancer. The author aimed to summarize the previous findings, describe the most recent results and discuss some controversies and unresolved issues in this field. [Oncogene] Abstract

Varian Receives Regulatory Clearance in India for Use of High Intensity Mode on TrueBeam Medical Linear Accelerators
Dr. Vivek Bansal, director of radiation oncology at HCG Cancer Hospital in Ahmedabad – the first hospital in India to commence treating patients using the TrueBeam high intensity mode – said, “We have used this modality for prostate, head & neck and lung cancer patients, enabling quicker dose delivery and therefore shorter treatments. Higher dose rates appear to offer considerable benefits in organ motion management – for example, larger dose fractions have been delivered in a single breath-hold at our center.” [Varian Medical Systems] Press Release

Nymox Announces Completion of Patient Enrollment in Pivotal U.S. Phase III BPH Study
Nymox Pharmaceutical Corporation announced the completion of patient enrollment in the company’s pivotal U.S. Phase III NX02-0017 Study of NX-1207 for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). [Nymox Pharmaceutical Corporation] Press Release

Public Release of LifeMap Discovery™ Version 1.0
LifeMap Sciences, Inc. announced the public release of LifeMap Discovery™ version 1.0. LifeMap Discovery is a state-of-the-art roadmap of embryonic development and stem cell biology. The platform integrates embryonic development and stem cell biology with molecular, cellular, anatomical and disease-related information, and provides data mining capabilities and bioinformatics applications. [LifeMap Sciences, Inc.] Press Release


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NEW 1st Symposium of the Cancer Research Center of Lyon
February 13-15, 2013
Lyon, France

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