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Prostate Cell News 3.23 June 22, 2012
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Distinct MicroRNA Expression Profiles in Prostate Cancer Stem/Progenitor Cells and Tumor-Suppressive Functions of Let-7
Scientists defined distinct microRNA expression patterns that coordinately regulate the tumorigenicity of prostate cancer cells. [Cancer Res] Abstract

Detect 7 times more prostate epithelial progenitors with ProstaCult

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Distinct Transcriptional Programs Mediated by the Ligand-Dependent Full-Length Androgen Receptor and Its Splice Variants in Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer

Researchers showed that suppression of ligand-mediated full-length androgen receptor (AR) signaling by targeting AR ligand-binding domain leads to increased AR-splice variant expression in two cell line models of castration-resistant prostate cancer. [Cancer Res] Abstract

p21-Activated Kinase 4 Promotes Prostate Cancer Progression through CREB
Scientists investigated a role for p21-activated kinase 4 in prostate cancer progression. [Oncogene] Abstract

Global Levels of H3K27me3 Track with Differentiation In Vivo and Are Deregulated by MYC in Prostate Cancer 
Scientists reported that less differentiated stem-like cells in the basal compartment of human and mouse prostate contain lower levels of the polycomb heterochromatin marker H3K27me3 than more differentiated luminal cells. [Am J Pathol] Abstract

Differential Expression of Epithelial and Mesenchymal Proteins in a Panel of Prostate Cancer Cell Lines
Scientists investigated the role of E-cadherin and the associated catenin-protein complex in regulating epithelial to mesenchymal transition in prostate cancer progression. [J Urol] Abstract

Androgen Depletion Augments Antibacterial Prostate Host Defences in Rats
Little information is available about how androgens modulate host defences within the prostate. Therefore, researchers examined in the rat the expression of the TLR4 system, which is strongly involved in pathogen recognition, and the secretion of the antibacterial substances rBD-1 and SP-D after androgen withdrawal. [Int J Androl] Abstract

MicroRNA-23b Downregulates Peroxiredoxin III in Human Prostate Cancer
To investigate the mechanism by which peroxiredoxin III (PRDX3) is altered in human prostate cancer, researchers used microRNA (miRNA) target prediction program and miRNA microarray to predict and identify microRNA-23b as a candidate miRNA that targets PRDX3. [FEBS Lett] Abstract

SOXs in Human Prostate Cancer: Implication as Progression and Prognosis Factors
Scientists investigated the involvement of SOXs in the progression and prognosis of human prostate cancer. [BMC CancerAbstract | Full Article

Anti-Androgenic Activity of Resveratrol Analogs in Prostate Cancer LNCaP Cells
Researchers investigated the anti-androgenic activities of resveratrol analogs in order to identify a potent anti-androgen compound. [J Androl] Abstract

Pharmacoperone IN3 Enhances the Apoptotic Effect of Leuprolide in Prostate Cancer Cells by Increasing the Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Receptor in the Cell Membrane
Reserarchers described the intracellular distribution of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) receptor in prostate cancer cells and its relation to response to GnRH analog treatments. [Anticancer Drugs] Abstract


Tea Consumption and the Risk of Overall and Grade Specific Prostate Cancer: A Large Prospective Cohort Study of Scottish Men
Scientists used Cox proportional hazards models to investigate the association between tea consumption and overall as well as grade-specific risk of prostate cancer incidence. [Nutr Cancer]
Abstract | Press Release

A Randomized Phase II Study of Pomegranate Extract for Men with Rising PSA following Initial Therapy for Localized Prostate Cancer
Scientists assessed biological activity of two doses of pomegranate extract in men with recurrent prostate cancer, using changes in PSA doubling time as the primary outcome. [Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis] Abstract

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Janssen Submits Additional Marketing Applications for Zytiga® in the U.S. and European Union
Janssen Research & Development announced it has submitted a supplemental new drug application to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for ZYTIGA®; simultaneously, Janssen-Cilag International NV has submitted a type II variation to the European Medicines Agency. [Janssen Biotech, Inc] Press Release

Breakthrough Prostate Cancer Diagnostics
Dr. Jelle Barentsz is making significant headway in improving MRI technology to accurately diagnose and stage prostate cancer tumors with a success rate of 90 percent. [PR Newswire] Press Release

BGI, GE Healthcare Team Up on Pioneering Stem Cell Science Projects
GE Healthcare and BGI jointly announced a pioneering multi-year research collaboration in stem cell science. [BGI] Press Release


National Institutes of Health (United States)

Food and Drug Administration (United States)

Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (United States)

European Medicines Agency (European Union)

Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (United Kingdom)

Therapeutic Goods Administration (Australia)


NEW VII Brazilian Congress on Stem Cells and Cell Therapy
October 3-6, 2012
Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Research Associate – Chemistry (STEMCELL Technologies, Inc.)

Research Associate – Particle Chemistry (STEMCELL Technologies, Inc.)

Research Technologist – Contract Assay Services (STEMCELL Technologies, Inc.)

Research Technologist – Media Development (STEMCELL Technologies, Inc.)

Scientist – Epithelial Cell Research (STEMCELL Technologies, Inc.)

Scientist – Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (STEMCELL Technologies, Inc.)

Scientist – Mesenchymal Cell Research (STEMCELL Technologies, Inc.)

Scientist – hPSC Bioengineering (STEMCELL Technologies, Inc.)

Postdoctoral Position – Cancer Genomics (University of California)

Postdoctoral Position –  Endocrinology of Prostate Cancer (Baylor College of Medicine)

Postdoctoral Position – Molecular Biology and Genomics (University Hospital Zurich)

Research Associate – Development (Precision Therapeutics, Inc.)

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