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Prostate Cell News 3.14 April 20, 2012
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Akt-Mediated Phosphorylation of Bmi1 Modulates Its Oncogenic Potential, E3 Ligase Activity, and DNA Damage Repair Activity in Mouse Prostate Cancer
Researchers findings demonstrate the etiological role of Bmi1 in prostate cancer, unravel an oncogenic collaboration between Bmi1 and the PI3K/Akt pathway, and provide mechanistic insights into the modulation of Bmi1 function by phosphorylation during prostate carcinogenesis. [J Clin Invest] Abstract

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Polycomb Protein EZH2 Regulates Tumor Invasion via the Transcriptional Repression of the Metastasis Suppressor RKIP in Breast and Prostate Cancer
Researchers’ findings indicate that EZH2 accelerates cancer cell invasion, in part, via RKIP inhibition. [Cancer Res] Abstract

Regulation of a Novel Androgen Receptor Target Gene, Cyclin B1, through Androgen-Dependent E2F Family Member Switching
Scientists identified a novel mechanism for E2F factors in the regulation of cell cycle gene expression and cell cycle progression under the control of androgen receptor signaling. [Mol Cell Biol] Abstract

Epcam, CD44, and CD49f Distinguish Sphere-Forming Human Prostate Basal Cells from a Subpopulation with Predominant Tubule Initiation Capability
Evaluation of tubule induction capability of fractionated cells was performed, in vivo, via a fully humanized prostate tissue regeneration assay. [PLoS One]

Prostate Cancer-Specific and Potent Antitumor Effect of a DD3-Controlled Oncolytic Virus Harboring the PTEN Gene
Researchers reported a prostate cancer-specific targeting gene-viro-therapy construct which killed all of the prostate cancer cell lines tested but had a reduced or no killing effect on all the non-prostate cancer cell lines tested. [PLoS One] Abstract

Positive and Negative Regulation of Prostate Stem Cell Antigen Expression by Yin Yang 1 in Prostate Epithelial Cell Lines
Researchers identified the multi-functional transcription factor yin yang 1 as a modulator of prostate stem cell antigen expression in prostate epithelial cell lines. [PLoS One] Abstract

A High-Fat Diet Enhances Proliferation of Prostate Cancer Cells and Activates Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein-1/CC Chemokine Receptor 2 Signaling
Scientists investigated the effects of different diets on prostate cancer cell growth and the relevant circulating factors including serum insulin, growth factors, and inflammatory cytokines using the in vivo and ex vivo model. [Prostate] Abstract

Long-Term Recovery of Irradiated Prostate Cancer Increases Cancer Stem Cells
Researchers showed that while irradiation does not immediately favor increased survival of cancer stem cells (CSCs), irradiated prostate cancer cell lines showed an increase in CSC properties with long-term recovery. [Prostate] Abstract

Genistein Cooperates with the Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor Vorinostat to Induce Cell Death in Prostate Cancer Cells
Scientists investigated the effects of genistein on several prostate cancer cell lines to analyze effects on their epigenetic state. [BMC Cancer] Abstract


Vitamin D3 Supplementation at 4000 International Units Per Day for One Year Results in a Decrease of Positive Cores at Repeat Biopsy in Subjects with Low-Risk Prostate Cancer under Active Surveillance
Investigators determined whether vitamin D3 supplementation at 4000 IU/d for one year is safe and would result in a decrease in serum levels of prostate-specific antigen or in the rate of progression. [J Clin Endocrinol Metab] Abstract

The FinnProstate Study VII: Intermittent versus Continuous Androgen Deprivation in Patients with Advanced Prostate Cancer
Scientists conducted a randomized trial to compare intermittent and continuous androgen deprivation in patients with advanced prostate cancer. [J Urol]

Intermittent Hormonal Therapy in the Treatment of Metastatic Prostate Cancer: A Randomized Trial
Researchers objective was to compare intermittent androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) and continuous ADT after six months of induction of ADT in patients with metastatic prostate cancer. [BJU Int] Abstract

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Abbott Licenses Biomarkers for Use in Differentiating Aggressive from Nonaggressive Prostate Cancer
Abbott announced it has acquired an exclusive license for several novel biomarkers from Stanford University for use in developing a molecular diagnostic test that could satisfy a longstanding unmet medical need: differentiating aggressive from nonaggressive prostate cancer. [PR Newswire] Press Release

Arrowhead Research Corporation Acquires Alvos Therapeutics and Proprietary Library of Targeting Peptides
Arrowhead Research Corporation announced that it has acquired Alvos Therapeutics, Inc., a privately-held company that licensed a large platform of proprietary human-derived homing peptides from MD Anderson Cancer Center and the method for their discovery. [Arrowhead Research Corporation] Press Release

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July 7-10, 2012
Barcelona, Spain

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