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Prostate Cell News 3.08 March 2, 2012
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Retinoic Acid and Androgen Receptors Combine to Achieve Tissue Specific Control of Human Prostatic Transglutaminase Expression: A Novel Regulatory Network with Broader Significance
In the human prostate, expression of prostate-specific genes is known to be directly regulated by the androgen-induced stimulation of the androgen receptor. However, less is known about the expression control of the prostate-restricted TGM4 (hTGP) gene. In this present study researchers demonstrate that the regulation of the hTGP gene depends mainly on retinoic acid. [Nucleic Acids Res] Abstract

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Increased CD8+ T Cell Function following Castration and Immunization Is Countered by Parallel Expansion of Regulatory T Cells
In the prostate-specific Pten-/- mouse model of prostate cancer, researchers observed an accelerated regulatory T cells expansion in mice bearing the castration-resistant endogenous prostate tumor, which prevented effector responses to UV-8101-RE. [Cancer Res] Abstract

RhoB Regulates uPAR Signaling
Here, researchers used RNAi to screen 12 different Rho GTPases for effects on uPA-stimulated migration, and found that depletion of RhoB significantly reduces uPA-induced migration and invasion of prostate carcinoma cells. [J Cell Sci] Abstract

Saquinavir-NO-Targeted S6 Protein Mediates Sensitivity of Androgen-Dependent Prostate Cancer Cells to TRAIL
In this study, researchers evaluated the effects of Saquinavir-NO on androgen-dependent prostate cancer LNCaP. [Cell Cycle] Abstract

Androgen Deprivation Causes Truncation of the C-Terminal Region of Androgen Receptor in Human Prostate Cancer LNCaP Cells
In the present study, researchers report that the C-terminal truncated androgen receptor (AR), which they named the N-terminal fragment of AR cleaved in the neighborhood of helix 1 of the ligand-binding domain, is produced in LNCaP prostatic carcinoma cells. [Cancer Sci] Abstract

Trop-2 Inhibits Prostate Cancer Cell Adhesion to Fibronectin through the β1 Integrin-RACK1 Axis
Here, researchers show for the first time that Trop-2’s expression in prostate cancer cells correlates with their aggressiveness. [J Cell Physiol] Abstract

PDEF Downregulates Stathmin Expression in Prostate Cancer
Researchers’ results suggest that prostate-derived Ets transcription factor (PDEF) may inhibit prostate cancer progression by transcriptional downregulation of oncogenic stathmin expression. [Int J Oncol] Abstract

Effect of the Heat Shock Protein HSP27 on Androgen Receptor Expression and Function in Prostate Cancer Cells
In order to study the functional relationship between heat shock protein 27 (HSP27) and the androgen receptor, researchers modulated the expression of the small heat shock protein HSP27 in human prostate cancer cell lines. [World J Urol] Abstract

Digoxin Inhibits Blood Vessel Density and Hypoxia-Inducible Factor 1a Expression in Castration-Resistant C4-2 Xenograft Prostate Tumors
This study was designed to determine if digoxin can inhibit androgen receptor-positive xenograft prostate tumors. [Clin Transl Sci] Abstract


Prostate-Specific Antigen Response to Deferred Combined Androgen Blockade Therapy Using Bicalutamide Predicts Survival after Subsequent Estrogen and Docetaxel Therapies in Patients with Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer
Researchers’ objective was to evaluate whether there is any association between prostate-specific antigen response to deferred combined androgen blockade therapy using bicalutamide in patients with castration-resistant prostate cancer, initially treated with castration monotherapy, and the clinical outcomes after subsequent oestrogen and docetaxel therapies. [BJU Int] Abstract

Preoperative Characteristics of High-Gleason Disease Predictive of Favorable Pathological and Clinical Outcomes at Radical Prostatectomy
The objective of this study was to investigate preoperative characteristics that distinguish favorable and unfavorable pathological and clinical outcomes in men with high biopsy Gleason sum prostate cancer to better select men who will most benefit from radical prostatectomy. [BJU Int] Abstract

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Nymox Announces U.S. Phase II Clinical Trial of NX-1207 for New Indication – Prostate Cancer
Nymox Pharmaceutical Corporation announced the initiation of a Phase II U.S. clinical trial to evaluate the company’s NX-1207 drug for the treatment of low grade localized prostate cancer. [Nymox Pharmaceutical Corporation] Press Release

Australian Clinic Puts Prostate Cancer Radiation Therapy on Fast Track with Elekta VMAT and Integrity Digital Control System
In a single bound, Nepean Cancer Care Centre leaped from traditional three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy for its prostate cancer cases to a dramatically faster therapy delivery method, Elekta VMAT (Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy). [Elekta AB] Press Release

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NEW Prostate Cancer Research Institute – 2012 Prostate Cancer Conference
September 7-9, 2012
Los Angeles, United States

NEW Regina 2012 Prostate Cancer Canada Network (PCCN) Leaders’ Conference
October 3-6, 2012
Regina, Canada

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