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Prostate Cell News 2.00, January 7, 2011.
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Exercise May Lower Risk of Death for Men With Prostate Cancer
A new study of men with prostate cancer finds that physical activity is associated with a lower risk of overall mortality and of death due to prostate cancer. [Press release from Harvard School of Public Health discussing online prepublication in the Journal of Clinical Oncology]

Finnish Researchers Find a Compound that Prevents the Growth of Prostate Cancer Cells
Researchers have demonstrated that an antibiotic called “monensin” prevents the growth of prostate cancer cells. [Press release from the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland discussing online prepublication in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics]

BPH Drugs May Ease Prostate Cancer Advance
Men on active surveillance for low-risk prostate cancer who take 5alpha-reductase inhibitors have a more favorable prognosis than men not taking the drugs, according to a new study. [Press release from Renal & Urology News discussing online prepublication in European Urology]


CURRENT PUBLICATIONS (Ranked by Impact Factor of the Journal)


Disruption of a Sirt1 Dependent Autophagy Checkpoint in the Prostate Results in Prostatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia Lesion Formation
Herein, homozygous deletion of the Sirt1 gene in mice resulted in prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia associated with reduced autophagy. [Cancer Res]

Tyramide Signal Amplification for Antibody-Overlay Lectin Microarray: A Strategy to Improve the Sensitivity of Targeted Glycan Profiling
Researchers describe a new tyramide signal amplification for the antibody-overlay lectin microarray procedure for sensitive profiling of glycosylation patterns. [J Proteome Res]

Monensin Is a Potent Inducer of Oxidative Stress and Inhibitor of Androgen Signaling Leading to Apoptosis in Prostate Cancer Cells
Here, researchers showed that monensin effects at nanomolar concentrations are linked to induction of apoptosis and potent reduction of androgen receptor mRNA and protein in prostate cancer cells. [Mol Cancer Ther]

Resveratrol Enhances Antitumor Activity of TRAIL in Prostate Cancer Xenografts through Activation of FOXO Transcription Factor
The present study was designed to validate whether resveratrol can enhance the apoptosis-inducing potential of TRAIL in a xenograft model of prostate cancer. [PLoS One]

Translational Up-Regulation and High-Level Protein Expression from Plasmid Vectors by mTOR Activation via Different Pathways in PC3 and 293T Cells
Researchers recently identified the prostate carcinoma cell line PC3 to be as efficient as 293T in protein expression. This study was undertaken to decipher the molecular basis of high-level expression in these two cell lines. [PLoS One]

PC3 Prostate Tumor-Initiating Cells with Molecular Profile FAM65B(High)/MFI2(Low)/LEF1(Low) Increase Tumor Angiogenesis
Single cell cloning and spheroid culture studies were used to identify a population of cancer stem-like cells in the androgen-independent human prostate cancer cell line PC3. [Mol Cancer]

5Alpha-Reductase Type 3 Expression in Human Benign and Malignant Tissues: A Comparative Analysis During Prostate Cancer Progression
A specific monoclonal antibody was developed, validated, and used to characterize for the first time the expression of 5alpha-reductase-3 protein in 18 benign and 26 malignant human tissue types using immunostaining analyses. [Prostate]

Inhibition of Acid Ceramidase by a 2-Substituted Aminoethanol Amide Synergistically Sensitizes Prostate Cancer Cells to N-(4-Hydroxyphenyl) Retinamide
The purpose of this study was to determine whether the therapeutic efficacy of fenretinide (4-HPR), a ceramide-generating anticancer agent, could be enhanced in prostate cancer cells by inclusion of a novel synthetic acid ceramidase (AC) inhibitor, DM102, a pivaloylamide of a 2-substituted aminoethanol. In prostate cancer, AC plays a role in progression and resistance to chemotherapy. [Prostate]


Physical Activity and Survival After Prostate Cancer Diagnosis in the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study
The purpose of this study was to determine whether higher physical activity after prostate cancer (PCa) diagnosis decreases risk of overall and PCa-specific death. [J Clin Oncol]

What Is the True Number Needed to Screen and Treat to Save a Life With Prostate-Specific Antigen Testing?
The objective was to re-examine the effect of varying follow-up times on number needed to screen and number needed to treat using data extrapolated from the European Randomized Study of Screening for Prostate Cancer report. [J Clin Oncol]

Impact of 5Alpha-Reductase Inhibitors on Men Followed by Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer
The aim was to determine the effect of 5alpha-reductase inhibitors on pathologic progression in men on active surveillance. [Eur Urol]


Algeta Completes Enrolment of 900 Patients into Phase III ALSYMPCA Trial with Alpharadin
Algeta ASA, a company focused on the development of novel targeted cancer therapeutics, has completed enrolment of the targeted 900 patients into its ALSYMPCA phase III clinical trial with Alpharadin (radium-223 chloride). [Algeta ASA Press Release]

SYMPHOGEN Raises 100 Million Euros in Private Equity Round
Symphogen, a private biopharmaceutical company developing superior antibody therapeutics (monoclonal, monoclonal mixtures and polyclonal) to treat cancer, infectious and autoimmune diseases, announced that it closed a 100 million euro placement of Preferred Stock to a group of investors. [Symphogen Press Release]

Spirogen Ltd. Announces a Research Collaboration and License Agreement With Genentech for the Discovery and Development of Antibody Drug Conjugates
Spirogen Ltd. a leading oncology-focused company developing DNA sequence targeted agents, announced a multi-year research collaboration and license agreement with Genentech, a member of the Roche Group. [PR Newswire]

VBL Therapeutics to Present at 29th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference
VBL Therapeutics, a clinical-stage biotechnology company committed to the development of novel treatments for immune-inflammatory diseases and cancer, announced that Dror Harats, M.D., chief executive officer, will present at the 29th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference. [VBL Therapeutics Press Release]

Metamark and HistoRx Announce Licensing Agreement for AQUA® Technology
Metamark Genetics, Inc., a privately held oncology-focused molecular diagnostics company, and HistoRx, Inc., a diagnostics company developing tissue-based diagnostic solutions to advance individualized patient care, announced a multi-year licensing agreement. [Metamark Genetics, Inc. Press Release]


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